Shorty Admits To Stabbing Kartel After Catching Him With Another Female

Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 1:52 PM

In a live interview on Instagram done with DJ Lava, the wife of popular Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel answered some very controversial questions thrown at her. Tanesha Johnson who is also known as Short boss is also well acknowledged for her record label “Short boss Muzik” that produces music for two of her sons.

Dj Lava went ahead and asked personal questions to Tenesha where her relationship with the popular Dancehall Artiste is concerned.


The questions ranged from how they met to their kids however one question the DJ threw to Short boss was very controversial as it’s related to news he had heard of the couple fighting. In confirming the rumors Tanesha mentioned that they were true while expressing confidence in herself.

shorty tanesha short boss

In further asking the very intense questions the DJ told her that he heard that she stabbed Kartel. She laughed then went straight into the story.

She mentioned accordingly that they were in an argument at home and Kartel drive out stating he was going to the studio so she texted him and said she was going to her house.

She further stated that she drove out to her house and while at her house she stated that something told her to call a taxi and go back to Kartel’s house. She further noted that a camera was there and she saw Vybz Kartel’s car pulled up and him coming out with a girl. This happened while Kartel had no knowledge of her being home.

shorty tanesha short boss vybz kartel kids

She said she then heard the house grill pulled when she proceeded to attack Vybz Kartel and the female companion. She made it known that the other female fled the scene but she ended up stabbing Kartel. She told DJ Lava that the Kartel was then taken to the St. Andrews Hospital by another artist and friend, Shawn Storm where he was given seven stitches. The story is also told in the song done by the artiste entitled “Love Dem”.

Short boss made it known that she did not care but Kartel professed more love for her after that, he even cried tears for hear at times when she was not talking to him.

vybz kartel and shorty kissing

She mentioned that her mother Valerie, who has now passed was the one that helped to nurse Kartel back to normal. Tanesha went further to answer questions of love relating her and Kartel as well as to promote the artiste’s new project.

Vybz Kartel’s album “Of Dons and Divas” is now out on all platforms and is said to be performing well at the time. It includes features such as Teejay, Squash, Tommy Lee Sparta, Lisa Hyper, his sons as well as many others.

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