Sicka Pure Looks To Make His Mark in Music

Monday, August 23, 2021, 12:22 PM

YARDHYPE recently had a question and answer session with the upcoming Portland musician “Sicka Pure” who is working diligently to take a place in the Jamaican music space. Learn about who he is and what his music is about below.

Q: Where Are You From? A: Am from fairy hill Port Antonio Portland Jamaica.


Q: How long have you been doing Music and what cause you to start? A: I have been doing music for about ten years now but professionally it’s three , the reason why I started music is because I love to sing an I used to listen to garnet silk an say I want to sing like him so that’s one of the reasons. 

Q: How you came up with your artiste name? A: I was the one who name my self it was from school days I had that name; Sicka Pure which means “Pure in spirit and sick with lyrics.

Q: How old are you? A: I am 32 years of age.

Q: What is your style of music? A: My style of music is world music I don’t specialize in genre I just sing music.

Q: What’s the favourite verse you wrote? A: The favourite line that I never wrote is  “Man smart , yuh affi street smart’’.

Q: Which Reggae/Dancehall Artiste has been most influential in your musical career? A: The Reggae Artiste that is most influential in my music career is Garnet Silk because I get a lot of inspiration from his music.

Q: What’s next (Any new Project, Music video/single)? A: I am currently promoting the my new single an accompanying video for the song “The Past” on the Right now Riddim, co- produced by Richie Chaplin Entertainment and Yardhype Music. What’s next for Sicka Pure Muzik is putting the final on my Seven Track EP tittle “Sicka Laws Of Power” exclusively produced by Richie Chaplin Entertainment with slot of visuals to follow.

Q: What Keeps You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill) A: What keeps me grounded is my family an my weed keeps me focus meaning from them good my mind is right other than that I listen to a lot of instrumental and operating my charity named Young Donor and Maumz  Foundation where we feed the homeless on the streets of Port Antonio every Saturday.

Q: What do you love the most about Jamaica? A: The most thing I love about Jamaica is the freedom that we have we aren’t clustered up meaning freedom to do stuff that we can’t do nowhere else in the world.

Q: Tell Us About Your Music Team. A: My Team is One Life Movement based in Fairy Hill Portland consisting of my Manager Sheriol Ricketts  of Richie Chaplin Entertainment and my in house producers Richie “Da Gadfada” Chaplin, Sudu Hype and One Life Muzik. My team is dedicated an ready to go the extra mile with me.

Q: Where Do You See Your Self 3 years from now? A: Three years from now my music should be on the international charts ,I am in ten Reggae/Dancehall Act out of Jamaica and touring the world with my team.

Q: How do you usually come about your lyrics, wright/freestyle? A: Most of the time I write ✍️ my lyrics on another time I just freestyle and memorize it.

Q: What Are Your Views On The Current state of Dancehall And Reggae music? A: My view on Dancehall and Reggae current state is the Both genres has become youthful more of the most 90s kids are getting involved in the production of Dancehall and Reggae and giving their youthful interpretation of the what they me listening to for the twenty yearly myself included too. The music is in a good state.

Watch the music video for The Past below.


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