Silk Boss’ Ex-Manager Exposes Brii’s DMs

Saturday, May 7, 2022, 12:35 PM

Silk Boss’ ex-manager, Shabria Entertainment, is putting Silk Boss and his girlfriend/manager Brii on blast after Silk Boss dissed her for allegedly releasing his song on his streaming channels without his authorization.

Shabria recently made multiple posts on Instagram calling Silk Boss a song thief among many more allegations, all stemming from the post Silk Boss made a few days earlier, in which he refers to Shabria as a “big pussy gyal”.


The post made to his Instagram Story read, “First a such man now dah big pussy gyal yh swr now” and ended with the freezing emoji and exclamations.

The song that Shabria Entertainment recently released entitled “Eeh” by Silk Boss rose a few questions regarding the obvious similarity the track has in comparison to StyleBoss’ “EEE” which was released in October 2018.

Shabria has now exposed Silk Boss for stealing the song from StyleBoss. Her first response to Silk Boss’ Instagram post, according to RYZZE, reminded Silk Boss that he was the one who came to her before he had a career and begged her for a chance. She continued in her Instagram saying the ‘Mankind” singer was disrespectful and ungrateful towards everyone who helped him in life, including his own mother, who had put him out and wanted to call the police on him on several occasions, and she had to plead for him.

Shabria went on to say she had taken care of Rohan ‘Silk Boss’ Reid like he was her own child, but after she reprimanded him for his behaviour he threatened to shoot her.

Following this response, Shabria took to her Instagram page again to speak her mind with screenshots of Sabreinna ‘Brii’ Williams messaging her with a request to speak to her “woman to woman” and told her to send her contact number.

Shabria wrote a long caption referring to Brii as a “Skippaloo” who was trying to be friends with her after she forced herself on Reid “and tie him up and turn him inna clown”. Shabria once again stated that Reid disrespected everyone who helped because of Brii. She noted that she was not chasing clout, and Brii would be sorry when Silk Boss finally realizes what she did.

“You don’t have a clue who he really is a nuff gal him pass though but you make him look like a clown a star porn hub who does dat you want to be manager,sidechick, groupie,clean up ,manager,producer yet the real job that you need to be holding dear to you is becoming a wife and you are failing at it real bad 👎 likkle Skippaloo go sit you little ass down and go get some professional training in becoming a lady oops guess thats not on your job description. BITCH BYE HOW LONG YU THINK YU MOUTH GONNA LAST FOR ? GET A GRIP AND SOME MUSCLES,” Shabria concluded.

In a second post, Shabria told the dancehall couple to not “LET THE HYPE” fool them because she would teach them a lesson, and she quoted Proverbs 22:15 to send them a message.

“Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away.”

It was in another post Shabria called out Silk Boss as a thief for allegedly replicating StyleBoss’ song, and she asked how many other songs the artiste stole.

In her last post, Shabria posted a video with StyleBoss’ song and captioned it, saying Silk Boss and his girlfriend are very wicked for wasting her time producing a stolen song.

“Yu gal a bright wid people and you know very well that you stole the man song brawling and mek mi waste time and money bring yu go voice it smh silkboss yu wicked people don’t know what they are up against you are very lie and you are convincing with your lies ,and for those who running into my DM talking bout im looking hype and bring down silkboss answer this silkboss nah bring mi down when him a post up post up a bag a things remember I kept slient for years and its when him call mi nah on radio station and tell lies on me thats when I came out and told my side and the more him gal whey don’t know shit run up and chat the more receipt ima put put mind you I care zero about what is so call fans wanna say the truth must be told and will be told. TELL YU GAL SHUT HER MOUTH AND THINGS WILL BLOW OVER SHE IS THE ONE MAKING IT BAD CAUSE SHE DONT KNOW WHEN TO SHOUT THE F UP,” Shabria wrote.

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