Silk Boss Finally Buys BMW – Watch Video

Dancehall deejay Silk Boss has bought a BMW to take on the rocky roads ahead of him. The deejay was spotted in a video excitedly showing off his new set of wheels as he, his girlfriend/manager Brii, and his crew were standing in a lot occupied by multiple cars. The purchase of the BMW comes months after Silk Boss went viral on the internet for driving on a “rocky road.”  

The viral moment shows the Mankind artiste going off at viewers on his IG Live for assuming he had an old car. He was jeered for the scene, but he later flipped the narrative by writing a song entitled Rocky Road that has since gained over 649,000 views on YouTube and over 32,000 likes.

Silk Boss And Brii Fighting Again?

Silk Boss initially intended to buy a car two months ago, but he was allegedly betrayed by his friends, who physically assaulted him and stole the money he had intended to use for the car purchase, which was $1.4 million. This horrific incident also birthed a song entitled Sorry, which has racked up over 4 million views on YouTube and more than 146,000 likes. 

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Now that he has copped a new ride, the entertainer is seen singing, jumping, and laughing. “Dem wah tek mi life, dem nuh wah see mi raise, pan di journey a jah jah guide me. Mi a walk wid a nine and a cross by mi side, mi a eh light weh a tear weh di darkness,” he deejayed.

Watch the video with Silk Boss below.

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