Silk Boss Releases “Repent” Music Video

Silk Boss has taken his burdens inside the church in a new single entitled Repent, released hours ago with a music video on YouTube that has already accumulated close to 80k views. The single, produced by Outta Space Records and Ice Queen Records, has left fans praising Silk Boss for what numerous people predict to be a hit song with relatable lyrics.

The song begins with a choir harmoniously singing, “Roar, the lions,” repeatedly before Silk Boss, who is videoed on a beach, inside an arch frame, and down in the pews, starts venting his pain. “Dem wah tek mi life, dem nuh wah see mi rise, pan di journey a Jah Jah guide mi. Mi a walk wid a nine and a cross by mi side, mi a di light weh a tear weh eh darkness,” he begins.


As he speaks his feelings, he says that the scars from his past have not healed, but he knows that he is capable of great things. He switches his flow, adding more aggression as he deejays outside in the woods about having faith, creating his own miracles, and God removing the fake people from his life.

“Hard life a fi everybody, so when mi mek it out mi just tell mi mommy say just pray caw eh journey mi walk, eh damage, mi heart cold so mi lowe eh knife and carry Matik. Jump inna di spaceship and mi lef eh planet, a live cash mi buy eh Bimma, neva beg fi buy it,” he continues.

Watch Silk Boss’ Repent below.

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