Silk Boss Releases “Sorry” Music Video Detailing Gruesome Beaten – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss turned the negativity into something positive by releasing an official music video for a new single titled “Sorry”, in which he speaks about the gruesome details surrounding him being beaten by friends and the steps he plans to take in moving forward.

The Montego Bay entertainer started the track by self-introspecting and analyzing the past with friends who turned out to be fake and disingenuous, only pretending to be loyal for personal gain. Because of this, he explained that he now lacks trust in everyone.


“Loyalty come in like rain yah now, only fall fi a period a time den it stop. Yeah people no genuine, none a dem no real dem only come round fi the benefit,” he says.

Expressing an array of emotions, Silk Boss reflected on the near-death experience and highlighted how wicked mankind is to another, “Mi owna friend go set mi up and mek dem tek mi things. Mi look ina the nozzle dawg and si mi life a drift.”

For the music video, the artiste and Brii were the only persons seen throughout which maintains the concept of him not trusting another again.

“Mommy mi sorry, bury mi heart ina a valley cause mankind wicked and me cya run from it. Yah tell mi fi call pan the Lord and when me try it him nah answer me. So me chill ina the darkest place weh no light nah carry, just me and meself and nobody,” Silk Boss deejays.

The single was produced by IceQueen Records and released on September 4, 2022. Watch the official music video for Silk Boss’ Sorry below:

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