Sir P Exposes Shabdon as Top Montego Bay GANGSTER… Claims He Got Squash’s Brother KILLED

Monday, September 13, 2021, 11:12 AM GMT-5

Popular YouTuber Sir P is back at it again, with the usual videos that he puts out, exposing criminals. The most recent person he decided to release information about is a man who goes by the official name of Linval Thompson Jr. but is popularly known as the Dancehall producer Shabdon, who usually operates in Montego Bay.

According to Sir P who calls the producer, “The Snake”, the musician is one of the people’s in his opinion who has had strong ties over the years with violence in Montego Bay and the killing of certain key figures in crime such as ‘Dutchman’, and Dancehall artiste Squash’s late brother ‘G-man’.

In starting the video based on Shabdon, the first thing that the popular YouTuber did was unveil the producer’s identity since he is always masked up and never reveals his face online. The photo that Sir P showed that allegedly features Shabdon, is a Sheriff mugshot that was taken in the United States after the well-known musician received a booking.

Going further in his video, Sir P released information concerning Shabdon, having connections with the latter part of the Stonecrusher gang, while also allegedly using Police connections to get rid of those gangsters who were not on his side.

This alleged criminal side of the producer according to the popular YouTuber, started since the producer was a teenager and continued into his adult years, getting even bigger since he had the money to pay off persons, buy weapons as well as give others clout.

In the video, Sir P said that Shabdon was responsible for the deaths of ‘Damage’ (a reputable Mobay gangster), ‘G-man’ as well as many others.

In going further with his efforts to expose the producer, Sir P also said that the musician introduced Vybz Kartel who he refers to as the ‘Worl Sprat’, to many of the gangsters in Montego Bay and also allegedly handled business for him long before they started doing music together. The name of Gaza member Shawn Storm even got caught up, as the YouTuber stated because of the dealings between Kartel, Shabdon and the gangsters in the second city, ‘Sivva’ was allegedly held, hostage.

In painting Shabdon as a criminal, Sir P mentioned that the producer is still very active in the criminal activities of Montego Bay even though he is not based in the parish. As a warning, the popular YouTuber, advised Shabdon to go to the Police Station to confess to the many murders that he either took part in or directly did.

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