Sizzla Celebrates 48th Birthday

Iconic Reggae/Dancehall artiste Sizzla Kalonji or Sizzla whose birth name is Miguel Orlando Collins was born on the 17th of April 1976. On Wednesday, turned 48 and a celebratory message was shared on his social media page to mark the milestone.

The ‘Thank You Mama’ singer is from St. Mary, however, he grew up in August Town, in St. Andrew. Sizzla emerged as a key figure in the conscious Reggae-Dancehall movement in the late 1990s. Witnessing the dancehall explosion of the 1980s, Sizzla absorbed the lifestyle and honed his lyrical skills from a young age.


On Wednesday, the following was shared on Sizzla’s official Instagram page, “Today a King was born!
Blessed Earthstrong Miguel Orlando Collins otherwise known as Sizzla Kalonji.”

Sizzla Celebrates 48th Birthday

Starting his musical career in his teenage years, Sizzla gained recognition performing with the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system before recording his first single for Zagalou label in 1995. His breakthrough came when he began working with Fattis “Exterminator” Burrell, leading to critical acclaim and a series of successful singles and albums.

The turning point in Sizzla’s career arrived with the release of his debut album ‘Burning Up’ followed by ‘Praise Ye Jah’, solidifying his reputation as a top-conscious Reggae artiste. However, it was the 1997 album ‘Black Woman and Child’ that propelled him to international fame, earning him a MOBO Awards nomination and widespread acclaim.

For the most part, Kalonji‘s music combines Rasta principles with contemporary Dancehall rhythms, appealing to a diverse audience seeking depth and passion in music. His unique style blends rapid-fire chatting with powerful singing over a range of musical genres.

Beyond music, Sizzla’s influence extends to entrepreneurship with his base in August Town called ‘Judgement Yard’ . He founded Kalonji Records, demonstrating his growth as both an artiste and a business executive. Through his label, Sizzla released albums such as ‘The Overstanding’, showcasing his prolific creativity and infectious melodies.

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Moreover, Sizzla is committed to empowering his community by creating opportunities for young people to develop skills and succeed. Despite maintaining a low profile in public nowadays, Sizzla remains a prominent figure in both conscious Reggae and hardcore Dancehall.

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