Sizzla Continues His Campaign Against Homosexuality After Getting Back His US Visa “Rastaman don’t apologize” – Watch Video

Days after news broke that Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji was given back his US visa, the entertainer has continued his campaign against homosexuality despite the consequences it has resulted in in the past.

Sizzla, born Miguel Collins, had his visa revoked by the US Embassy in 2018. The artiste was previously barred from entering the United Kingdom for his anti-gay lyrics in 2004.

It was heavily speculated that Sizzla’s US visa was revoked for the same reasons. Despite maintaining his stance against homosexuality throughout the years, his visa was recently reinstated.

Nevertheless, the reinstatement of his visa has not quenched the Rastafarian’s fiery campaign against same-sex relationships. Following the visa reinstatement, Sizzla was one of several artistes scheduled to perform at one of the Beach Road Trip Weekend’s (BRT Weekend) multiple events.

While performing at BRT Weekend’s Yacht Club Party at Pearly Beach, Ocho Rios, the Take Myself Away singer thrilled the audience with his numerous hits. Due to his stance, a nearly inescapable factor in his catalogue is songs against homosexuality or otherwise sexual acts perceived to be immoral.

While singing his single No Way, Sizzla instructed the men in the audience who would not “f*ck nuh batty” to wave their hands. The artiste further delved into several more explicit lyrics during another song, singing, “Batty mi nuh f*ck and p**sy mi nuh nyam. From yuh know yuh straight say blam blam.”

Sizla also performed his single, Nah Apologize, which was released after he was barred from entering the United Kingdom. The song was the artiste’s response to calls for Dancehall and Reggae entertainers to apologise for their anti-gay lyrics.

“Rastaman don’t apologize to no batty boy. If yuh diss King Selassie I, mi gunshot yuh boy. Gimmie di wul ah di girls dem cause ah dem have di joy. Inna di lake of fire mi dash yuh boy,” Sizzla sings on the track.

Watch the video from Sizzla’s performance below.

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