Skatta Burrell Admits To Knowing What Ishawna Had Planned – Responds To Bounty Killer Diss

Amid the recent fallout between Ishawna and Bounty Killer, producer Skatta Burrell has addressed the brewing feud between both, and also touched on the backlash Ishawna received after doing her “Equal Rights” Single.

During an Instagram live, Burrell clarified for all those who might have wondered if Downsound Entertainment was aware of what Ishawna had planned, and revealed that while they were ignorant of the props she would be using, he was fully aware of her intentions. An unapologetic Burrell said that Dancehall was a terrible place and anyone that could not handle it had no reason to be in it.


Burrell said that he gave Ishawna the go-ahead as there were no Sumfest rules stating that “a woman cyah wine up pan a cardboard,” He went on to say that some might think he is biased because Ishawna is his artiste but as any other producer or manager would do he is standing by her.

Burrell revealed that after Ishawna released her Equal Rights single the backlash from many artistes, including Bounty Killer, led to promoters cancelling her performances, and that Ishawna told him after making the cardboard cutouts that the first person she intended on taking revenge on was Killer.

The producer made sure to point out that the apology issued from Reggae Sumfest was from Joe Bogdanovich, not from him, and he did not care about the “pad” comments that Bounty Killer recently made at the MECA nightclub.
Video- Fame Edjahz

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