Skeng Reacts to Broadcasting Commission’s Ban on Molly, “Ratty Gang in charge anuh Andrew”

Following the Broadcasting Commission’s increasingly controversial ban on songs glorifying or promoting drugs, guns, and scamming, popular dancehall artiste Skeng has reacted to the sudden interdiction.

On Tuesday, the Broadcasting Commission released its new directive imposing an immediate ban on the transmission of audio or video recordings, live songs, or speech on radio or television that promote illicit activities. Several members of the entertainment community have since expressed their bewilderment over the decision, while others have spoken out against it.

On Thursday, rising dancehall phenomenon Skeng appeared to subtly add his own opinion on the matter, posting a clip of one of his hits, Rain Like Hail, on his Instagram page. Using the yawn emoji as the clip’s only caption, the artiste allowed the lyrics to do the talking for him.

“Gunman, so mi do dis ting confidential. Real gunman, a we run the island. Me a Skeng Don, a mi sing the gun song. And mi really don’t care who like mi entrancе. Mi born bad anuh coincidental. Just get the rental mek mi show yuh who bad. Ratty Gang in charge anuh Andrew badman. Head sick, prescribe to di molly, panadol,” Skeng sings in the clip. 

The post has since been liked by rapper Nicki Minaj, who recently collaborated with the deejay on the remix for his single Likke Miss

In the Commission’s media release on Tuesday, the drug Ecstasy ( Molly/MDMA ) was specifically named as an example of the illegal drugs that can no longer be promoted on the airwaves. Skeng, known for his candid and gritty lyrics, has name-dropped the illicit drug in his music various times before, and though he has never admitted to taking Molly, there has been rampant speculation that the entertainer has used the substance.

Under the Commission’s new guidelines, a number of the deejay’s songs would no longer be permitted to play. On the artiste’s track Protocol, he makes multiple references to gun violence and mentions Molly as well, and in his shared song with the artiste Navaz, Pop Molly, he did the same.

“Pop Molly wull place get bloody up. Fully psycho topper dem nuh give a f—k. Any grung weh we touch dat hot yuh f—k, bai gun inna di rental. Pop Molly wull place get bloody up. Fully psycho nun a we nuh give a f—k,” the artiste sings on the track.

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