Skeng Releases “Demons Awake” Music Video Ahead of Midnight EP Launch

Just ahead of his midnight EP launch, Beast of the Era, Skeng has granted his fans a taste of his album by releasing the song Demons Awake, along with an attached video to his official YouTube account. This will be his debut EP which features a total of six new singles.

The intro of the song begins with Skeng stating, “yow mi deeven feel the same since the money and the fame, mount a tings deh pan mi brain like the f*ck me deeven care.”


Known for his aggressive lyrics and tone when performing, the deejay sings about the darker side of fame and how it is negatively affecting him and his mental health. However, despite the challenges, he says, “them try fi stop we but we brave, plant mi foot, tell them behave.”

Further down in the song, which is only 2 minutes 41 seconds long, Skeng intones, “yeah mi affi set di ting, nuh see mi yute deh pan di way,” referring to the fact that his girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

Another notable line in the song is, “how me feel mi wanta leff the earth and situate a space, like me try mi best nuh f*uck up but mi demons dem awake.”

In response to his lyrical prowess and consistency, someone pointed out, “The beat, the flow B**boclaat mon skeng this tuff yf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” while another individual declared, “This youth not in the game for a year good yet and doing way big he is on a level by his self Skillibeng never do it this quick Skeng is the fastest rising dancehall artist.”

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Demons Awake currently has over 50k views and 13k likes on YouTube in just over an hour of its release.

Watch the video below:

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