Skeng Releases New Song Entitled “Elvis Presley” — Watch Video

In a new song that was released by dancehall icon Skeng, the artiste is heard referring to himself as “Dancehall Elvis Presley.” Skeng, whose real name is Kevon Douglas, began his musical career in 2019 and has since taken the airwaves by storm.

Skeng, a Jamaican dancehall star, has chosen to remain anonymous for the most part by not revealing his date of birth, marital status, or any information regarding his parents. It is also still unknown if the artiste has any children or if he is an only child, but he never neglects to remind his fans that he represents Spanish Town, St. Catherine, where he is from.

However, Skeng has been putting work into making his music career a success, as is evident by his release of hits like Gunman Shift, Street Cred, and Protocol, which features Tommy Lee Sparta, among other songs.

In his new song, the artiste is heard expressing that he thinks he is dancehall’s Elvis Presley. He spoke of his life before music, saying that he is happy that he has stopped stealing and that now, “Man a live like Elvis Presley… ” The location of the video is unknown, but it appears to be a very luxurious residence surrounded by trees, implying that the residence is cool, serene, and out of the way.

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Skeng, along with the ladies in the video added a “rockstar” vibe by dancing and enjoying the party-like setting while throwing up the well known rock sign with their hands. This was encorporated into the Jamaican Dancehall vibe of skimpy dressing for the females and Skeng’s rough sounding voice while he spat his lyrics.

Watch the Music Video below:

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