SkilliBeng Being Scammed of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Scammers

Fresh new Dancehall sensation, Skillibeng has come out and reported Scammers stealing his identity online to conduct illegitimate dealings in the name of his business.

The artist told the news that people were being scammed of large amounts of money from the impersonators. Skillybeng said that he is making an effort to do something about the issue by speaking out as things are getting out of hand.

The “Brik pon Brik” deejay told the news that the scamming has been taking place for several months and he wanted to speak out so people would be able to utilize the proper channels to gain business with him.

He said that people have been reporting large sums of money being charged to them without them getting anything in return so Skillibeng decided action had to be taken.

SkilliBeng states that the only proper channels that should be taken to contact him are the ones that he has put on his IG page as well as any link with Gutty Bling his producer.

Commenting on what the artist had said the producer, Gutty Bling made it clear that there is a fake Instagram page that has been doing rounds on people’s money as people are tricked by the number of followers on the page and think that it’s the real artist.

The producer stated that sums of money up to $2000 US dollars have reportedly been Scammed. He told the news that as soon as they are blocked off Instagram they create new page(s).

The “Mr. Universe” artist is pleading for the scamming to stop as it is putting a bad reputation to his name.

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