Skillibeng has the Hottest Dancehall Song in Jamaica “Hot”

January 15, 2021 4:45 PM

Young Dancehall prodigy Skillibeng has taken the YouTube trending lead in just one night with the masterful track entitled “Hot”, produced by Tevino “YGF” Richards, and Derron “HMP” Herah.

The song was uploaded with a masterful video done by RD Studios, which saw a variety of effects being used to bring out the skilful concept.


The song itself speaks about the intensity that Skillibeng’s name is carrying right now and in the song, he states that his artiste moniker is hotter than a spliff.

He goes on to highlight himself as a master alchemist, who transmutes negative energy into positivity while creating his musical steam.

Skillibeng also made it known in his potent lyrical delivery that, he is not one to be involved in racketeering as the move is to constantly make impactful flows.

He further emphasizes in the song that if he is not being spoken about in the music space, it gives rise to insanity.

At this point, it is obvious that people are going crazy for the young star, as the song has already garnered well over 200,000 views on YouTube, and is charting quickly towards the 300,000 regions while maintaining a healthy trending lifespan.

This is not the first instance of Skillibeng doing extremely well on trending as he did so in the past with songs like “Mr Universe”, ” Crocodile Teeth” and more which have already passed the million views mark.


Many are hailing the young artiste, as the leader of a new dancehall generation.

Other young artistes have attracted the trending King moniker, but with “Skilli” achieving this feat overnight the title is surely questionable as to who is best fitting to wear that crown.





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