Skillibeng Rocks High Fashion in France – See Photos

St. Thomas dancehall star Skilling whose real name is Emwah Warmington created a buzz on the internet locally on Friday night after he uploaded several photos of himself rocking high fashion in Europe.

The ‘Crocodile Teeth’ deejay was in France when he decided to take the photos with one of the seven posted photos having a French flag in the frame.

While the post itself only has a French flag as a caption, the fans in the comments section had a lot to say regarding the photos. The Location was also tagged as Parish, France.

What makes the photos more interesting is the fact that the grimey deejay rocked a semi-formal attire, which is something he’s not known for hence many people were surprised by the photos.

In the photos, he rocked a black trench coat, black t-shirt, a Gucci belt, green pants along with black designer high boots.

The first three pictures are in colour while the others are in black and white.

One of the black and white photos features Skilling gazing through a window while the others gives a supermodel vibe with his pose and facial look.

In response to the photos, @Sparkiebabyofficial wrote, “Trés bien Monsieur” which means “Very nice Sir” in English.

On the other hand, @Creepchromatic commented, “sharp wi sharp”.

See more of the reactions below:

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