Skillibeng top CXC Achiever But Fails DNA Test

October 28, 2020

Young Dancehall star, Skillibeng seems to be having some issues with his ex-girlfriend as it was reported by Pinkwall on Instagram that, the artiste did a secret DNA test for a child he thought was his however, the results came back showing there was a zero percent chance of him being the father for the child.

The ex-girlfriend seems to have had something to say about the matter as Pink wall posted some excerpts from the stories of her Instagram with her saying things like, she could have leaked a lot on Skillibeng and that he was there with her before the fame every day and night.


In the same post she also stated that since Skilli’s break in the music business, she is seeing disrespect from him. In closing out that particular story, she also promised him a fall from grace.

The ex-partner of the “brick pon brick” artiste was not done with her rants as she did another post making it clear she was a “b%tc%” before Skillibeng had met her while questioning the reason for the excitement.

She also stated sarcastically that a woman is always wrong and the man right with her further expounding that women like to bring each other down.

In ranting about the matter Skillibeng’s ex might have just released her name as she finished the post by stating the name Leshii as the most hated female at this time.

The angry female also said she left the artiste because he was ugly. She said she knew him from he only had 3000 followers to the point where he now has a blue tick.

There have not been any official statements from Skillibeng, however, it would be interesting to hear what the “crocodile teeth” artiste has to say about the situation.


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Earlier we reported that Mr. Universe Is Dancehall’s Bright Boy With 9 CXC Subjects. Skillibeng is certainly not fully dunce where education is concerned. In a recent Instagram viral video of the Deejay, it was revealed that the “Brik pon Brik” artiste has 9 CXC subjects.

That is extremely impressive for a Dancehall artiste. It puts Skillibeng in a very special place in the music because there are very few entertainers like himself, who can boast to have gotten subject passes in CXC.


Skillibeng stated in the video that he has Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Information Technology, Human & Social Biology, English Literature, English, and Office Administration. The deejay seemingly forgot one subject as he listed 8 in the video.

The fans have been respecting Skilli more after hearing the reveal with some commenting that they hear it in his lyrics while some are stating the passes as something the young sensation can fall back on in case the music does not work out.


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