Skillibeng WARNED after This Photo With Young Girls

Skillibeng is now under heavy warning by his fans after a picture surfaced with him online, standing at an unknown location with four skimpily clad caucasian females.

All seems well, however, some of his fans and one might assume haters too, pointed out that the girls that he was seen with looked a bit young.


The information was presented on Reggae Media Tv’s YouTube channel, where the picture was shown but not the specific page that it was uploaded to at first, it must be noted that the photo is not on Skillibeng’s page.

The Youtube channel, however, captured some of the comments and there were people saying things like; “Check the age paper!”, as well as telling him that is how they set up great men such as Bill Cosby who was charged with aggravated indecent assault on multiple women.

On the other hand, though, it might be some curious fans who ran into the artiste and were hyped to get a picture so bad they did not even think to get dressed.

It would certainly be a good thing for the career of the “Crocodile Teeth” artiste if he came out and cleared the air about the photo, as his fans are only left to assumptions and the haters are attacking.



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