Skin Cancer on the Rise… Men and skin bleachers more likely to be Affected

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 11:34 AM GMT-5

New research is showing that skin cancer is on the rise in Australia, where the Government has implemented public health media campaigns to promote sun-smart behavior. There could be increased UV-Rays getting to earth as the depletion of the UV- filtering ozone in the stratosphere has been getting worse throughout the years.

Skin cancer deaths in Australia and the other countries in the region where it has been reported that there is a large hole in the Ozone, has noticed that men are dying from skin cancer more often than women. This happens because women wear more sun-screen than men.

However, skin beaching has become a popular trend among Black people almost everywhere in the world. The Melanin that is produced by their bodies, to protect them from sun damage, skin cancer, aging and more problems, is being removed and it is hard for some persons to understand why?

The bleaching creams, contains Mercury and other harmful substances at times and the side effects are many, as the skin is an organ, which the bleaching creams penetrates and damages. Damage is also done to the liver, the kidney, and other organs as well. It has been reported the mothers who are pregnant can severely damage their unborn child when they bleach their skin.

The television ads encourages Black girls to change the texture of their hair and bleach their skin and this seems to be causing girls to have low self esteem when they have normal skin. There are girls and boys who believe they won’t be able to move up in society if they don’t bleach. It is sad to see this happening after our fathers did so much to cause us to be proud.

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