Snoop Dogg, 6IX9INE, Drake, 50 Cent etc Reportedly Snitched in the Past

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 10:03 AM GMT-5

During the early years of his success drake was caught up in a robbery incident where two men robbed him at gunpoint and then tried to make an escape but were soon after caught by the police.

An investigation later revealed it was a setup as drake cooperated and was called a snitch for it by another Toronto rapper.

50cent and Ja-Rule’s rivalry go back 20 years but was reignited after finishing a concert in Saudi Arabia when 50 trolled Ja-rule online over a video of him fighting to get in a club.

Offended, Ja-rule posted on Instagram multiples slides containing a rat singing in shower and a document pointing 50 to be an informant in the henchman case. 50 responded by saying I ratted on no one and kids these days when they don’t have anything to get back at you with, they just dig up old rumors to get under your skin.

A photo of Rick Ross in correction uniform was leaked on the internet in 2008. After denying it initially he finally admitted to it and even addressed it in his song Richest Gangster. He later explained the lyrics in an interview he said it refers to him as a C.O. He said he did it to feed his family and if needed would definitely do it again.

A leaked police report from 1998 stated that snoop was arrested for carrying marijuana while he was running away from some men who were trying to attack him. During his arrest he allegedly stated that he believed Suge-Knight killed Tupac.

This led to the rapper community calling Snoop a snitch as he worked with Suge-knight during his time in Death row records.

Takashi’s fear of God and FBI saved him from a 47 year sentence in prison. After his guilty plea in 2019 a document released in February 2019 proved his contribution in investigation against other trey nine blood members.

He was sentenced to 2 years in prison which was later converted to house arrested. Takashi was crucified as a snitch by the rap community but the fans dont seem to care too much about his snitching they just wan new music.

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