Social Media Users Condemns Marriage Between 18-Year-Old Girl And Her 61 Year Old Godfather

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 9:18 PM GMT-5

Social media fans are angrily scraping at the heels of Haugabook who recently got married to her godfather, and former boyfriend of her mother 61-year-old Michael Haugabook.

The odd union between the two has since become the talk of social media, and surprisingly the off couple are not backing down from the critics and even currently share a two-year-old daughter, while the husband in the marriage has three other children.

When the story hit Twitter, fans were expressing their outrage, left right and centre with many of them referring to the marriage as disgusting and the man’s action as predatorial.

Why did they do that though?, because the moments the tweets boomed in chastisement of Deja and her husband, she took to Facebook with a live video telling people to stop calling her husband a predator, letting them know that their business is what they should be minding as well as telling them other disrespectful things to drive away from the unwanted criticisms.

Some people have mentioned through Twitter, that the 18-year-old is brainwashed by the man who does not love her, but Michael had something else to say when he took to his social media letting it known that he is not the first to marry such a young woman and what is being spewed at them is nothing but jealousy because of his wife. Michael does not have a problem with the publicity, however, as he made it clear that persons talking about them are only acting on their behalf through promotion.

The bashing of the newlywed couple went extreme when persons began to inquire about Deja’s mother, who did a video not long after her daughter’s breaking down how stupid she is for making the ludicrous decision. According to the mother of the 18-year-old, she had already lost her daughter at a young age due to drug abuse which saw her spending time behind bars.

Social media users who have been following the story are hoping, however, that there might be some change of heart in Deja which might cause her to end the marriage and move on with her life. Some have even pushed the ongoing conversation to the extreme, by inquiring why the man has not been imprisoned.

Michael Haugabook’s actual age is up for debate online with numbers such as 47, 55 and 61 being mentioned. While Mrs Haugabook claims that her husband is 47 years old a arrested made on Michael Haugabook years ago seemingly proves that he is actually 61 years old.

Check out the 18 year old’s live chat about herself and her husband below.

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