Soldier Viciously ‘Box and Kick’ Female in Leaked Footage – Video

This video clip is making rounds on social media, it shows the moment a JDF(Jamaica Defence Force) member slapped a woman in the face multiple times and followed up with a vicious kick. The female also got upfront with the soldier and seemingly “spit on” the soldier at one point of the altercation.

The video seemingly taken by CCTV begins with the female seemingly attempting to walk away from a gathering which consisted of several residents and multiple JDF and JCF personnel.

In the video, as she passes a soldier, she is dragged by her clothing, by the soldier. In response, her mouth can be seen uttering words as she gets close up to the soldier’s face, her words are followed by slaps to the face from the soldier, the second of which sends her tumbling to the ground.

The initial physical assault by the law enforcer seemingly caused the female to utter more words and reportedly spat at the soldier, in response to the actions of the female, this time the soldier kicked the female, causing her to stagger.

After being kicked the woman can be seen trying to make her way back to the soldier, however, she was held back by multiple persons. During the ordeal, two police officers appeared in the frame of the camera.

It’s unclear when and where in Jamaica the incident took place.

The footage was shared on Instagram by This Is A Blast.

One person watched the footage and commented, “Ppl need to respect authority, and uno have so much strength fi the gunman dem wa a rape and kill we.”

See some more reactions below:

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