Son Stabs father To death in St. Andrew

April 24, 2020

Dennis Brown Sr. was allegedly stabbed to death by his 24-year-old son Dennis Brown Jr. after there was a dispute over empty bottles on Tuesday.

It happened at about 7 p.m., now residents on Oddman Lane in St Andrew, where the senior Brown lived with two of his children, including Brown Jr. are in a state of shock.


Not long ago, they had an argument over another set of bottles that the son had stolen, and a machete was drawn. The police were called a witness said.

They never knew things would have ended this way.  Although there have been several disputes between the father and son, this outcome was not expected.

It is alleged that Brown Sr. was a tile installer, and he had been saving used bottles to sell if he fell on hard times. 

However, because of COVID-19, persons are not allowing anyone in their homes right now, so he planned to save them to sell at another time. But his son came and took out some of them and that is how the altercation began.

The alleged eyewitness saw when one son ran to alert others while he told his father and brother “easy and done”, but the young son pulled a knife and even though the father ran out of the house, the son chased him and stabbed him in his chest.

Dennis Jr. started chasing his younger brother with the knife as well and then the witness heard when someone said Brown was stabbed in his heart.

He was transported to the hospital in a car and he was speaking to his younger son, but he got quiet after a while and started getting stiff. His son even said, “Daddy Daddy ” and there was no answer.

When he got to the emergency department at UHWI the doctors tried to help him, but he was coughing up blood before he passed.

The St. Andrew North police are investigating the matter.


Brown Jr. is being described as a quiet young man who smoked marijuana at times.

Brown Jr. has turned himself in at the police station since the incident occurred.



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