Son Sued By Parents For Not Giving Them A Grandchild

An Indian couple, Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad who reside in Uttarakhand, a state in their home country, have filed a lawsuit against their son and his wife for not giving them a grandchild, despite the two being together for six years.

The couple is suing for a total of 50 million rupees, which is equivalent to approximately USD 643,000. In this lawsuit, they claim that they supported their son who is now a pilot, throughout his life and have spent roughly about 20 million rupees, an equivalent value of about USD 257,000.


However, according to the Prasads, they are willing to give the couple an alternative, which is to produce a grandchild within a year or face the consequences of compensating them for the full amount requested in the lawsuit.

“We want a grandson or a granddaughter within a year or compensation, because I have spent my life’s earnings on my son’s education,” the father stated to reporters.

The attorney-at-law, Arvind Srivastava who is representing the Prasads, disclosed in a statement that the elderly parents supported their son’s education and helped him to get married, therefore, they desire to be repaid with grandchildren.

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