Sophia Lugg Shares Maitland’s Letter To Donna-Lee

Sophia Lugg, Mother to deceased Social Media Influencer Donna-Lee Donaldson, took to Facebook on Thursday to share a letter written to her daughter by cop, Noel Maitland. She stated that the letter was written on a birthday card that was found when her oldest daughter was going through her sister’s belongings. The letter was written two years ago.

After reading the words in the card Lugg said, “now people please tell me what I should do to this psychopath, reading this card proving more to me that Kathy-Ann Smith, could’ve been the bitch who murdered my child, and Noel is covering for her.” Continuing, she stated that Noel is just as bad as Smith and worse than the other people she believes are involved.

Lugg further stated that the situation is making her crazy and continued to ask, “what have you done to my daughter.” Addressing Maitland she proclaims, “I know you will be reading my post, go ahead and tell me what happened and what you did with my baby girl now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

The letter was written in a peach-coloured card which sported a generic message that pre-made cards come with. Inside the card, written in cursive is the message that he left for Donaldson. It stated, “Happy Birthday Lee I hope this birthday is one you will never forget, you have been my strength, and my rock and will forever be my bestfriend. Love you ❤️ from: Noel.” It was dated 10/7/2020 and signed with Maitland’s signature.

Take a look at the letter below:

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