Spice Addresses Erica Mena’s Racial Slur in Live Chat – Watch Video

In the wake of a heated verbal altercation between dancehall artiste Spice and reality TV star Erica Mena on the Love & Hip Atlanta series, the fallout continues to pulsate across social media and television screens.

The controversy unfolded when Mena aimed a racial slur at Spice, referring to her as a ‘monkey’ during the heated exchange. Subsequently, Erica Mena got fired from the show for her offensive language.


The “Queen of Dancehall” took to Instagram to address the incident and stir up a thought-provoking conversation about racism, anger, and accountability.

In the video shared to her social media page, the “Frenz” singer addressed comments made by viewers who claimed that Erica Mena’s behaviour was a direct result of being “triggered” by her.

Spice questioned whether this was a valid justification for experiencing racism, asking, “Is it acceptable for someone to face racism just because they are triggered or upset?” She clarified that she was not looking to be ignorant or play the victim but genuinely wanted to explore this issue with her followers.

Continuing, Spice stated her intention to re-enable the comments section, eager to hear her followers’ thoughts on the matter. She acknowledged that this was a significant issue within the community and wanted to foster discussion around it.

Spice then referred to her project, “Colorism and Black Hypocrisy,” where she painted her face white. This bold move, she claimed, was to shed light on the pervasive issue of colourism within the Black community, where individuals with lighter complexions are “preferred” over those with darker skin tones like herself.

Watch the video below:


Reactions to the artiste’s comments diverged among viewers. Some stood firmly in agreement with her, emphasising that calling someone a racial slur is undeniably disrespectful and derogatory, regardless of the circumstances.

See some of the comments below:

Spice comments

Others, however, raised concerns about Spice mentioning Erica Mena’s child during the altercation, viewing it as a low blow that crossed a line. For these individuals, breaching personal boundaries means all rules are off the table.

See some of the comments below:

Spice comments


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