Spice Claps Back at Erica Mena After Love and Hip-Hop Co-Star Calls Her a “Monkey” – Watch Videos

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 12:16 PM GMT-5

During a live stream in May, dancehall artiste and Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta cast member Spice called out co-star Ericka Mena for an incident that occurred during the show’s filming. Spice’s outburst on social media left many questioning what had happened between the pair.

But all was revealed in the latest episode of the reality show, with Mena calling Spice a “monkey” during a massive argument that nearly led to the two getting into a physical confrontation. The incident began somewhat cordially, with Mena offering Spice a kiss during their lunch meetup with Shekinah Anderson, but the tension in the room was evident.


The source of the discourse was Mena’s reaction to her ex-husband Safaree’s expression of sympathy after reports that the So Mi Like It singer had been hospitalised. Mena claimed that she was so upset that Spice was sick that she fasted for the artiste, but she could not help but be upset that Safaree showed more emotion for her than his wife.

Questioning why Mena felt the need to compare the two of them, Spice said she was acting as if she was the first to get divorced and left to raise children on her own. Spice pointed out that she had been doing it for 14 years, while Mena countered that she had been doing it for 16. At this point, the meetup took a negative turn, with Spice stating that Mena’s eldest son hated her.

A furious Mena proceeded to flip their table, prompting the show’s crew members to intervene and prevent the woman from fighting as they exchanged insults. Mena went on to call Spice a “blue monkey,” adding angrily that she should have died.


Following the airing of the episode, Spice clapped back at criticism for bringing Mena’s son into the argument. Sharing clips from the show on her Instagram page, the artiste questioned why her cast members Scrappy and Stevie J had not received the same criticism and reaction from Mena.

“Kids are off limits, right? But I guess it’s only when I ask, (because) where’s the same energy when Scrappy and Stevie J talked about it, but now I’m a monkey and should have died on the table? Ok, Erica,” Spice stated.

Spice has since removed her post, posted hours ago on Instagram.


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