Spice Celebrates Her Son, Nicholas’ 16th Birthday with Surprises – See Photos, Watch Videos

Sixteen years ago, Grace Hamilton gave birth to her first child, Nicholas Jr., who grew up sharing a close bond with his mother.

The strong bond is not only evident in their pictures and short family videos but also shines through the music they have created together, which possibly indicates that the youngster might follow in his mother’s footsteps as a dancehall artiste. 


As Nicholas turned 16 some hours ago, Grace expressed her love for her firstborn with a series of photos and videos. Grace, widely known as Spice, shared moments of her son’s big day with her 4.2 million dedicated supporters on Instagram.

The post, which also featured her daughter Nicholaty, began with a cropped photo of Grace standing next to Nicholas, whom she lovingly refers to as Nicho. The subsequent image showed him when he was a baby in his mother’s arms.

Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton and Nicholas


As the slide continued, a yard was decorated with letters wishing the teen a happy birthday, and 16-year-old Nicholas was later seen entering a decorated room where his family sang Happy Birthday at his entrance.

The mother and son did a video together in which Spice proudly showed off her son, and he was subsequently seen popping a bottle in another video. There were photos of him with his fancy cake decorated with money, him and his mom, and a football.

The post, which continued with pictures of him with his mom and family, was captioned with a heartwarming message from Grace to her son. It reads, “Help me celebrate this special birthday for @ai.nicho my one son, my heart in human form, the reason I work so hard. Thank you for changing my life. I’m so excited to walk into your future right by your side every step of the way. He hates when I scream loud and say this but “LOOK WHAT I MADE” 😂😂😂😂Saying I love you is not enough words to describe my feelings.”

Spice continued, “The slides are all over the place, but we were In Atlanta and most of the fun attraction was closed, so I rented a sprinter and we drove to Orlando just to celebrate this very special day then he came back home to a room filled with love. Single Mother and Proud Thank you Jesus 🙏🏾.”

Slide to see the pictures and watch the videos below:

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