Spice Threatens Safaree’s Ex-Wife on Live; Says “Mi ago kick up yo Bloodclxxt… Sxck you mada Erica” – Watch Videos

The Queen of Dancehall’s road to being a better person in her second life is being stalled by the messy relationship between Safaree Samuels and his ex-wife, Erica Mena.

The couple got divorced a year ago and have two children together, however, according to Spice, they are still sleeping together and it is causing problems in their social circle due to Erica’s jealousy of the Clap Clap entertainer.

In her recent airport Live, Spice sought to clarify things before rumours started spreading about her relationship with Safaree. The Live was captioned, “SUCK YOU MADA ERICA, FAKE AF Behind my back then you want to laugh in my face for TV. I’m not picking up for Safaree IDGAF who he wants to f**k that ain’t my d*ck.”

Read the full caption below:

Spice started the video by stating that she did not want any rumours to spread about her so she was going Live to clarify her position. “Mi nah pick up fi Safaree, mi a call a spade a spade and mi a talk the truth and speak it for what it is,” she said.

She continued by stating, “Whatever Safaree’s doing to you don’t have nothin to do with me…what’s this jealousy over me…how Safaree like me…mi nah f**k him baby. I promise you 100% and a million dollar.”

According to Spice, Erica has beef with her over Safaree because she thinks Spice is intimately involved with her ex, but the Dancehall Queen warns, “B**ch, make me tell yuh smn, nuh play wid mi. I’m not the one, two, nor d three. Erica yuh start a smn wid e wrong person.”

Additionally, the Tape Measure deejay voiced, “Yuh talk sh*t about mi behind mi back and when yuh see me innah me face yuh wah laugh and act like say me and yuh a fren. B**ch yuh fake as f**k, get the f**k outta here b**ch.”

Watch the videos of Spice’s rant below:

Spice concluded by outlining that she is not fueling the feud to get a buzz and this matter is not “fake story”. Spice got really hostile when she promised to beat up Erica Mena, “mi bad inna real life.. mi ago kick up yo bloodclxxt anyweh mi si yo bitch,” after talking about Mena’s oldest son and vaginal issues.

Read some of the comments left by fans below:

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