Spice And Her Son Victims Of Racial Profiling? – Video

“Racial profiling is real”, says Spice after she posted a video on her Instagram account showing an altercation between her and some officers in the US. The video has fans of the Dancehall Queen wondering if the footage is a music video, to the extent of how real it gets.

Spice can be seen in the video talking to one of the officers, telling him that she was not driving fast however the Policeman rebutted by telling her that it was dangerous to drive that slow.


The heat of the altercation started when the female deejay saw a female officer, holding her 14-year-old son to the rear side of her car, and searching him. Spice was then a bit enraged by the act and proceeded to get her son; however, the officers were blocking her, and saying “back up”, disallowing her from reaching to the child.

If this video is real, it will certainly stir some social drama, since racial profiling has been a much talked about topic over the years, especially with the recent passing of George Floyd.

In the comments section of the post, many big names in the music industry appeared and expressed their feelings towards the events that unfolded.

American rapper Cardi B seemed shocked at what she saw as she commented “Are you fuvkin serious”, while Popcaan seemingly feeling grotesque about the situation wrote, “Hey a wey unu a touch me Blxxdclath pickney fa @official.nicho a wey dem do?”.

We will just have to wait and see how this develops over time.

Check out the viral video below.




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