Spice Apologizes after Backlash over Fat Shaming

[Sharingbuttons]Spice regrets doing something she had promised herself that she would never do. The Love and Hip Hop star decided to apologize to Tokyo Vanity after she fat shamed her. There was a beef over Tokyo Vanity’s ex boyfriend Tabius, Spice is dating him now.

The apology was not accepted it seems, as the two stars had a fight, it was so bad that the security guards had to work overtime to separate them. Spice has acknowledged that she should never have commented on Tokyo’s weight and she is truly disappointed in the way everything turned out.


However, Spice is now a part of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta show, since the crew went to Jamaica and she made her debut last season. She launched her women empowerment foundation in Jamaica recently as she looks forward to helping other women to realize their dreams.

Now we can only wait and see if the beef will end and things will go back to normal between the two stars, since Spice does not plan to call people fat or skinny anymore. She realizes that she has a bad habit and plans to change it so she won’t be involved in any more fights like this one.


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