Spice Back in Jamaica And Back In Business… See Pics And Videos

July 29, 2020

The Queen of Dancehall has recently arrived back on the Island.

Spice who is also known as Grace Hamilton let her fans know that she was home when she posted an Instagram video of her giving her backup dancers a surprise visit at a dance rehearsal they were doing.


Spice spent over four months overseas where she worked on her many business ventures including Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for which she has recently become well known.

In the video she posted on her Instagram it showed a very excited set of dancers running and jumping on Spice showing how much they missed her.

They even almost pulled her wig off due to the level of joy and surprise they had seeing their Queen once again after months of absence due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Watch below


Grace was away with her two kids Nicholas and Niocholatoy in Atlanta to deal with her business ventures.

She even announced in May that she was planning to move permanently to Atlanta also bringing her children with her as it would be an opportunity to develop her wig and makeup line while being apart of the famous tv show.


She joined the series six seasons after it started later becoming a permanent member of the casting.

Spice is also looking to increase her net worth even more as she recently started to work on a deal with the supreme ventures lottery company, becoming an ambassador for their new “Hot picks” game.

This is known as Spice along with supreme ventures posted videos on their social media accounts with the veteran female dancehall artist dressed in the supreme venture game colors and her signature look promoting the company’s new venture.


Spice made it known how the game could be played which was also noted on the company’s website where they even had a second video of the artist promoting the game and clarifying the rules of it.

The deal was announced on June 26th.


The game itself can be played by picking a number from 1-10 starting at a minimum bidding of $10. Spice noted too that once fans followed her page they would be able to learn of more ways they could win.


Grace has made it clear that as an artist it is not wise to depend just on music for a source of income and has proved that point in the last few years with her being the boss of several businesses including her face and lace company.

Relative to her coming back to the Island she was very excited as that is exactly the mood that was expressed in the video she posted on Instagram further expressing how much she loves her dancers.

Check out Spice’s Face and lace advert below



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