Spice Does Big Wealth Interview With Forbes Magazine

September 22, 2021

The Queen of Dancehall Spice is no stranger to the International spotlight, appearing on some of the biggest American shows such as “Good Morning America”, ” The Wendy Williams Show” and her usual “The real housewives of Atlanta”.

The latest feature for the veteran Dancehall entertainer came as a talk with Forbes Magazine, where they spoke in-depth about her journey from having nothing at all to now being the owner of several houses and businesses.


The article was posted on the immaculate business website on Monday, and in her illustrious reasoning with Forbes about wealth creation, the entertainer stated that an incremental part of her journey to success was watching and learning from her mother, who raised all of her children with no solid financial backing.

According to Spice, an important lesson she learned growing up was that it is not how the journey is started but it is the way one finishes it as such the ” So Mi Like It” deejay, said that her mother has been the biggest inspiration to her, also stating that there have been times where she saw her mother made ends meet with one pound of rice that she used to feed the artiste and her siblings.

Regardless of what she went through, however, the entertainer said becoming a boss is something she was able to achieve, expressing that she is well aware of how poor life feels and does not have the intention of being in that position again.

As such the female deejay properly known as Grace Hamilton says as a role model to her two children, breaking the poverty generational curse that many are born into is one of her aims as her children need to have a bright future.

One of how Spice encourages persons to secure their wealth is to have multiple streams of income, which she has been doing for a while by owning several businesses such as her Graci Noir clothing line, her record label; Spice Official Entertainment and a business by the name of Faces and Laces, she uses to sell wigs, skincare and other items.

Even though the entertainer says the management of several businesses is not a simple task, she made a point stating that to maintain business, critical decisions have to be made.


The “Needle Eye” deejay also shared the post via her Instagram where she saw many loyal friends of hers in the music business, commenting their congratulations.

What Spice is currently doing in her career, really shows that she is truly nothing short of a Queen.




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