Spice Explains how she was racially profiled in Walmart

Sunday, December 6, 2020, 3:50 AM

According to the queen of the dancehall stage, Spice, she went to Walmart to shop over the weekend and to your surprise, she was accused of possibly carrying Counterfeit money.

Spice being upset about her experience was on her way out when she decided to go live and talk about the whole incident.


Spice states that she was at the cashier paying for her goods when an employee ran over to her telling her that the cash she’s using to pay for the goods had to be re-checked.

Spice outlines that the line was long hence she felt away about the hold-up and pointed out that the Walmart worker at one point asked her why one of her 50 dollar bills looks different from the others.

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Spice says this speech by the worker left her feeling away so much that she started to raise her voice and show the lady that she has many more $50 dollar bills “i feel away” Spice chants.

“She neva expect mi fi have so much money cah mi black” Spice believes the incident only happened because she is black and she is particular hurt because it was a fellow black woman who was harassing her.

Fans are now jokingly suggesting that Spice uses the “i feel a way” line to make a new song.

One fan commented “I would take back my money and walk out” while another said “True spice a talk had the same experience before but not at Walmart at another store when shopping to pack my barrel…. its sad but true”.

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