Spice’s Health Is Improving According To Sources

Saturday, November 5, 2022, 7:01 PM
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Dancehall artiste Spice’s medical condition is reportedly improving, as she is currently conscious and more cognizant of her surroundings, according to reports by the Jamaica Observer.

A source close to the entertainer’s relatives revealed to the media outlet that the response they received from the family sounded positive when last spoke on Friday. It was also said that Spice has been “up and awake” and that she has been getting stronger by the day.


Another source disclosed that Spice’s younger sister is in the Dominican Republic supporting her throughout the ordeal. Also, the source added that a sibling residing in New York confirmed that the artiste indeed had complications, but, has gradually improved in health.

Reportedly, the ‘Queen of Dancehall‘ is admitted to a hospital in the Dominican Republic after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Rumours circulated saying that she suffered a heart attack and has been induced into a coma, however, her booking agent dispelled the claims.

Nonetheless, several members from the dancehall fraternity and even more so, musical rivals of Spice have offered words of support and prayers for improved health and recovery.

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