Spice Sources Dismiss Rumours “Dem Need Fi Stop and Guh Look a Life”

Thursday, November 3, 2022, 9:20 AM

There have been many speculations about why Spice has suddenly taken a break from social media, especially Instagram where the artiste is known to interact on a daily basis with her Besties (the name her fans were allotted). Although the time away was a surprise to many, before taking her leave in mid-October, she made one last post to Instagram which indicated that she was tired of the rumours and so she would be away seemingly for the entire Christmas and New Year period.

Many had linked the time away to Spice, along with Skillibeng, being labeled as the worst of dancehall by a Guyanese politician. However, Minister Marion Hall spoke up about her assertions on a Facebook Live where she asked others to pray for the current Queen of Dancehall because of a plastic surgery modification that took a turn for the worst in the Dominican Republic, ending with a heart attack and Spice in a coma.


However, Sources close to the Bake A Man artiste have dismissed the above as baseless rumours. Wishing to keep their identities private, the sources, during a sit down with Prism Marketing Consultants, claimed that although they cannot disclose any particulars about her medical condition or her current location, they stated, “she’s not in a coma; dat’s all we can tell yuh,” and that all reports on social media are false.

Addressing the rumours themselves, apparently vexed by the situation, one of the sources declared, “What they [the media] are doing is dangerous. Spreading nasty rumours wid no evidence just fi clicks and likes nuh mek nuh sense. Dem ah damage the woman brand weh she wuk suh haad fi build, dem need fi stop and guh look a life.”

Spice’s longtime friend Richie Feelings took to social media to say, “Don’t believe everything you read”.

Media personality Ragashanti took to socials media to update the dancehall community on what he heard, check it out below:

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