Spice Kisses New Man and Launches Her Clothing Brand

Friday, September 18, 2020, 9:56 AM

Spice the Jamaican female deejay proved that she is both the Queen of the Dancehall and a good marketer, as she promotes her many ventures and projects. Her fans are now wondering if the mysterious looking man that was seen kissing her in a photo that went viral, is her new beau or not.

Spice has pulled off very convincing publicity stunts before, and this wouldn’t be the first time she led fans on and caused them to believe different things about her love life. Last year she shared a number of provocative photos when her sultry single “Mine” was being premiered, and fans were fooled until she revealed the truth. Now her fans, trolls and other followers are on edge wondering what Spice is up to.


Her new clothing line Graci Noir has been launched and she has been making big moves even though the world is in the middle of a pandemic. The “Cool It ” DJ is known to be very outspoken and she has been ruthless with her relationships. She has been secretive about the men she has dated since she and Nicholas Lall’s love affair came to an end.

See her post about her new brand below.


The Jamaican Dancehall Queen, hosted an all blue birthday bash as she celebrated her 38th birthday in New Jersey. Her stores in Jamaica were mentioned by her and she thought of “Graci Noir” as an extension of them, even though Spice Kisses a New Man and Launches Her Clothing Brand

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The star who was a part of the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta also decided to start her own clothing brand, found on Twitter @gracinoir, her “Spicy Couture” stores were spread across Jamaica for a number of years many of her fans already knew about them. Spice’s fans are talking about her new boo more than the new busniess venture though, it was taken on the day that Spice’s Jersey show was held, many believe the two looked too cozy to be pretending.

 She and Justin Budd were in a tight embrace, his hands were resting on her butt and they seemed to be kissing. Some fans have decided to hold on to their own views about Budd who is the Director of Photography and CEO at JBudd Media Inc. located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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There are those fans who believe that the kiss was a publicity stunt, while others believe that she should be left to live her life. the star is just playing another prank but many of them held on to their belief, Spice and her trolling tactics have kept many of her fans awe struck, as she had caused them to believe she had bleached her skin, when she was almost ready to release her single about colourism, “Black Hypocrisy” and now some of her fans believe they are being tricked again, and Budd is just being used.

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