Spice Makes Strong Statement About People Who Try to “Discredit” Her “Greatness” in Dancehall

Renowned female dancehall artiste Spice recently took to social media to assert her unwavering greatness. She shared three captivating videos from her electrifying Brt Weekend performance in a powerful display of her talent and longevity.

The videos displayed her versatility and featured songs from 2003 to 2023. Despite some may try to discredit her, Spice’s bold statement in the caption left no room for doubt about her achievements and the obstacles she has overcome in her illustrious career.

The first video, soon to be released, previewed her upcoming song, “Waka”, enticing her fans with a taste of what’s coming.

The second video showcased her 2003 hit “Fight Over Man”, reminding her followers of her early successes and the impact she made as an emerging talent.

The final video highlighted “Jim Screechie”, a popular track from 2010 that solidified her status as a dancehall icon.

Spice penned a powerful caption that accompanied the videos, emphasising her extraordinary journey as a self-made artiste. Undeterred by detractors, she proclaimed her greatness and reminded them to acknowledge her rise from humble beginnings.

With 23 years in a male-dominated industry, Spice proudly declared her achievements without a major label, management company, or external support. Her authenticity and organic approach have propelled her success and endeared her to fans worldwide.

Her request for fans to share the year they began supporting her fostered a sense of connection and loyalty. The overwhelming response from her followers testified to her enduring popularity and the impact she has had on her audience.

As Spice continues to blaze a trail in the male-dominated dancehall realm, her authenticity and talent will undoubtedly solidify her status as a true queen of the genre.

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