Spice Plans On COUNTER SUING CHUG IT For Defamation – Video

Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 9:23 AM

Queen of Dancehall Spice is not happy with the treatment she is receiving from CHUG IT and is deciding to sue them for defamation of character after the popular party promoters decided they were going to file a lawsuit against Spice, for not showing up at their event In Miami.

In a recent story post the show organizers did, they wrote “Please be informed that CHUG IT has met all obligations with paying the artiste Spice 38773.42 despite the no show. Our Attorneys will be proceeding with taking immediate legal action for refund and damages caused.” In Jamaican dollars that referred amount would be $584,4821.65.


Surprisingly, that post was removed and another telling their followers that they apologize for the inconvenience further stating that they fulfilled all obligations to Spice, with full payment of expenses more than 6 hours before her performance time which they stated was at 8:15 pm. They wrote that even at 9:26 pm the entertainer was not present but they still paid her despite the no show.

The posts by CHUG IT no doubt aggravated Spice as she made an Instagram post, drawing up her receipts In counteraction to CHUG IT’s story post which showed a conversation between the promoter and the “So Mi Like It” artiste’s business manager Elsie, showing that the agreed performance time was 9 pm.

In the same post, the Dancehall Queen added another photo showing a flyer with the time 9pm. She went on in the caption to write “Ohhhhh thanks for all the other Receipts coming in my DM Besties. Their page was even posting that my performance was 9pm when they knew their permit time ended at 9pm ? Unu set me up deliberately to blame me”.

Spice was not done with them as yet, however, as she took to her IG live sometime after to address the matter in detail. According to the entertainer, 2 of her dancers were to leave from their location to her, on an 8 o clock flight however, they noticed it got cancelled.

After calling the airport, they found out that the credit card that was trying to purchase the tickets had declined because they were fake.

Spice spoke about other details of the story such as her dancer Cookie not getting her flight validated until 4 am, and how she decided to fly on her ticket.

She was very disturbed, speaking about the matter on her live because she said she was at the airport for over an hour and no one came which meant that they had nothing prepared for her leading to the entertainer’s assumption that they set her up.

One thing the female deejay had to back her for sure was the receipts on paper showing the cancelled tickets, as well as her purchased tickets and the messages to and from the promoter. She also had a video of her wait at the airport as proof along with her team members including a dancer and her manager confirming the shocking circumstance.

So Spice is not holding back and says she will be suing CHUG IT, who said they paid her off however, the entertainer is saying they wanted to do it by cash app which she declined and so that seemed to have upset them.

She also claimed that the promoters used her fans to boost their event because they knew that the lock off time for the event was 9:00 pm, and they also knew they had permit issues which they discussed with the “Needle Eye” artiste.

The entire situation is a bubbling pot of controversy, and we will just have to wait to see how it turns out but Spice says she is not going to lose the lawsuit for sure.

Watch Spice’s rant don’t he matter below.

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