Spice Reveals the facts about her Breast Augmentation but Keeps current Relationship Private

Monday, April 27, 2020, 9:54 PM

Spice believes the biggest misconception people have about her is that she is aggressive, due to the way she behaves when she is on stage, but she is very humble and calm, she likes how fans react when they get to meet her and see that she is very cool and humble and nothing gets to her. Whenever they get to meet her they see she is different from what they thought, and this makes the entertainer feel good.

The artiste believes the rumors she has heard about herself are expected, she thinks it comes with the territory. Even before she got her breast augmentation done, she heard that people knew the doctor that did her breast surgery. “They act like they know everything about you”.She said in an interview


She also said, about 10% of what they say is true and 90% are rumors.

Sometimes Spice said she will go on her Instagram page and make a post so she can comment about the things she doesn’t like and move on.

She spoke for the first time about her breast augmentation. She said she was always doing interviews and her bra was always showing and it looked tacky and she just did it.

She wishes she could have done it soon but was so busy.

She says her daughter is 7 years old and it was a good time for her to get her breast done.

She doesn’t want to be asked about her love life, even though her fans know everything about her.  When she did the photo for “Black Hypocrisy” when her skin color was changed, her fans asked about her tattoo. She has seen posts on Instagram with people getting into the lives of other persons and she doesn’t want that for herself.

She regrets posting about her children’s father’s photos and when they broke up things become uncomfortable, she can’t deal with the internet drama.

Now she is keeping her current relationship a secret.

The star is very blunt and doesn’t care what people say about her, but on the other hand, she wants to grow her fan base, she is careful that she doesn’t want to lose fans.

She has never had suicidal thoughts or depression, she is too strong-minded to be in that place and she never will be, she revealed.

Her keys to success are hard work, determination, and prayer. Her motto is “Good better best, never let it rest until the good is better and your better best”. She says sleep is for the rich so she won’t sleep because she is not rich. She gets a couple of hours of sleep sometimes. Even though she is always rushing from the studio to performances and sending the children to school. Sometimes she only gets 2 hours or 3-hours sleep.

Recently her body shut down and Spice slept for 2 days, her eyes are red because of the lack of rest and she has headaches sometimes. She has a sleep issue that is linked to performing at nights and not sleeping even when she doesn’t have a show. But she doesn’t take medication to sleep, she has no manager and she is constantly looking for ways to grow her career.

Getting a team together is her focus now, instead of trying to get a manager who might not know what to do.

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