Spice Skin-Out Her Pum Pum and Expose Kitty During Performance – Video

This video has been making rounds online over the past 24 hours. It shows the queen of the dancehall, Spice performing at a Hot 97 Show, she was doing her usual raunchy endeavours, the difference this time was that the private area of Spice was out for everyone to see.

Fans are now online trying to figure out what could have possibly gone wrong as Spice seemingly did not notice that her vagina was not properly covered.

Watch the viral video below.

On the other hand, The Queen is not happy with the treatment she is receiving from CHUG IT and is deciding to sue them for defamation of character after the popular party promoters decided they were going to file a lawsuit against Spice, for not showing up at their event In Miami. READ MORE: https://yardhype.com/spice-plans-on-counter-suing-chug-it-for-defamation-video/

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