Spice Talks about Vybz Kartel, Colourism, Kids and Church

In a recent interview Spice whose given name is Grace Hamilton, said people see the glory but they don’t know the story. She said Grace Hamilton went to church every Sunday and remembered her first performance at 4. 

She became the leader of the choir after a while and that is how she learned how to organize shows and become so bold.

She discovered her voice in Church and she went to the JCDC competition to perform also.

Leaving Jamaica and living in London was another experience she spoke about, as she was there to get a better opportunity, she was a poor little girl who had lost her father and was accustomed to playing in the streets bare footed and she didn’t like staying in the house and she was worried about her siblings as she knew she was the one who helped her mother with taking care of them; this caused her to go back to home.

It is said that she is waving the Jamaican flag very high, as she is not one of those artistes who only speak proper English in an interview and try to act like others. She speaks the Jamaican dialect and talks about Jamaica in a great way.

The raunchy artiste says she does adult entertainment and there is no going around it. She remembers how her life was transformed after she was introduced to Heavy D by a friend from St Catherine High at the age of 14. She sang and Deejayed for him and he liked what he heard, and she got more confident.

She started performing at Sting (A popular event in Jamaica where bottles and other objects are thrown at artistes when they don’t perform well) after that and quickly started counteracting the men in the business.

As a mother she realized how important it is for her to set a good example for her children, so she doesn’t allow them to listen to some of her music, like “Romping Shop” and others. She takes off her blue wigs and becomes Grace again and wants her children to be raised in church, as she is grateful for her own upbringing.

Watch Spice and her Kids acting below!

She is now two different persons Grace Hamilton who is a decent mother and Spice who the character who is the raunchy dancehall artiste. She wouldn’t want her children to choose her career path, because of the things she has been through, a lot of hardships because of the hate that comes from people, who simply hate you for being good at what you do.

The “Cool it Down” artiste remembers how Bounty Killa said she would be the next ‘queen of the dancehall’ when she was 15. She had walked on stage at Sting and clashed with him at the time she did well.

The Jamaican Dancehall Queen wants to make people feel good no matter what size they are or how they feel about themselves. She wants to be remembered in the same way Bob Marley is remembered and she is prepared to work hard so she can always be at the top.

She decided to address the Colourism issue when she was in Europe and she remembered how much her complexion affected the way she was treated in Jamaica. She realized that racism wasn’t affecting her as much as colourism because the Jamaicans were bashing her a lot. Telling her that she needed to change her skin colour by bleaching, but the Europeans were buying her music and treating her well.

Spice wanted everyone to have her undivided attention when she did the song “Black Hypocisy”. She not only wanted to do the song she wanted her people to get the message. It took her 3 hours to do the makeup and a lot of time to remove all her photos from Instagram. The message she wanted to send has made a difference and that makes her feel good. She wanted Jamaicans to believe that she had bleached her skin.

She knew she would be bashed when she posted the photo of a light skinned Spice, it was a strategy that she planned. She has seen where a change came about, and people who were bleaching started looking into themselves and a lot of them got the message.

Even her own dancer who performs with her decided to stop bleaching because she realized that she didn’t need to follow the crowd.

When she was asked about the relationship between her and Vybz Kartel, she said they were friends before they became famous, they both supported each other when they were trying to make it in the business as friends.

They both realized that they were having the same fans after they did so many Stage shows together. That is what caused them to do music together. The song “Romping Shop” was a big hit and people were saying she was having an affair because of the way she acted when they were doing the video, but they were just friends and they did other songs after that.

She became a part of Love and Hip Hop after someone from the crew asked her to take them around in Jamaica, as they knew she was the Jamaican dancehall queen. She fell in love with having the cameras following her around and decided to use the opportunity to boost her career. She auditioned like everyone else for the part and thought it was a good way for her to get more exposure for herself and the dancehall music that she represents.

Her message is that she represents for the fluffy girls and she wants women to be brave and just be themselves.

She puts no limit on her career and she wants to win the Grammy and she is also a businesswoman who has a foundation that is helping young women and girls.

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