Spice tells Funny Gas Station Story – Video

January 14, 2021

Dancehall Queen Spice took to her Instagram page recently, to tell a story that left a lot of her friends cracking up.

The story included her road manager Adrian Brown, and the setting was at a gas station.


According to Spice, she remembered the story because the two had just revisited the area and it was so funny that she had to let her fans in on it.

The female deejay said that she and Adrian were on the road and he was driving his car when the vehicle went low on gas and they had to refill.

Upon reaching the gas station, Adrian alighted from the vehicle according to Spice and funnily asked for a full gas tank because he was there with the artiste, knowing she would pay.

The entertainer said it was strange because, filling the gas tank to the max is never something her road manager does, but he proceeded with that plan.

After being there for a while Spice said she only heard some of the attendants warning her to get out out of the car but she was unaware of what was taking place until she saw Adrian jump out of the car, running away but eventually sliding to his fall in the gas.

It was at that point she saw that the car was not managing the fuel, and it was overflowing.


She said all she could have done was jump out of the vehicle and call a nearby Taxi man, to drop her to the studio she was going.

In the video, she jeered Adrian telling him that he ran left her in the car, but the road manager said he only did so to save himself then save her.

Since that day Brown funnily learned his lesson and said, he never attempted to fill the gas tank again.


Watch her below.



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