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Even with photo and video evidence confirming Spice’s pregnancy, some fans on the internet refuse to believe that the female deejay is indeed with child and are actively voicing their opinions on the situation from behind their keyboards and cellphone screens.

After her health scare late last year and break from the social media scene, Spice came back in all her glory with an announcement that she would start taking bookings once more. As a part of that comeback, she uploaded a flyer stating that she would be performing at the 2023 staging of the Start Di Fun music festival in the Cayman Islands (Lions Centre) on March 24.


The Same Mouth artiste had urged her fans to get their tickets to the event and stated, “tag a promoter below if you want to see me in your area.” With that announcement still fresh in their minds and their viewpoint of Spice being a “trickster”, many are still in doubt about her pregnancy.

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The internet, especially Twitter, is still alive with the debate about whether the Clap Clap entertainer is actually pregnant for the third time. Chantana, in her confusion, said, “Sorry, Im confused… so spice never had surgery? She was just pregnant? Orrrr….,” while BLJ stated, “in MY OPINION, that belly is prob a 5 month belly… spice could not and would not have been able to allegedly do cosmetic surgery while pregnant. idk my mind telling me it’s promo for a new song but i could be wrong.”

There were some stating that when Spice gives birth, all the people saying that she was lying are going to be ashamed but RO ALMIGHTY remains steadfast in his belief, claiming, “Spice is NOT pregnant.This is just another stunt to get her viral… I’m guessing the message is that of a “rebirth” of sorts since she almost lost her life due to a botched surgery last November.”

Switching to the topic of any upcoming performances that the artiste might have, someone said, “Spice is pregnant, so no live performances this year I fear😭😭,” to which another person replied, “Shes booked for upcoming shows very soon so watch out.”

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While it remains to be seen if the entertainer will actually be performing live this year as she has not addressed the matter, she did announce that Khaotic, real name Rubin Carlton McFadden, is the father of her child.

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While some offer congratulations, others seem to be tired of the stunts pulled by the singer. Someone tweeted, “If Spice isn’t actually pregnant we should all petition for her ig to be disabled for spreading misinformation.”

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