Spotify the Modern Way to Sell Music

Spotify has developed an app that allows artistes to bypass Record Labels and independent distributors. They are also offering attractive advances to license music so that artistes can earn more for the streaming of their music and get more royalty payments sent directly to their bank accounts. They will be earning more as the Record Label and Independent Distributers will not be getting any money from their royalties.

Artistes will have access to Spotify’s huge number of followers online and this could be a good thing for the Jamaican artistes who have not signed with any Record Label before.

Spotify is not launched in Jamaica now, but since Jamaica is filled with so many talented artistes there are persons who believe it will be launched on the island soon.

Artistes who are planning to use the app will need to retain IP lawyers and protect their copyright in the best way.

The Spotify stock has climbed since they developed the app, many artistes might be using the new app as they try to earn more from their music. This has caused a big change in the music business as talented artistes won’t need to wait to get contracts from Record Labels before they their music can be heard by people all over the world.

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