Spragga Benz , Sean Paul , Agent Sasco, Chi Ching Ching – Differ Remix [Music Video] HD

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GDb0FMMNjRo”]Watch this new music video for Differ Remix ( Spragga Benz , Sean Paul , Agent Sasco, Chi Ching Ching. On the remix, the Afro-Caribbean percussion is a hypnotic loop with pulsating synth chords adding colour for these lethal lyricists to flex their wordplay of what makes them different. Spragga Benz, Sean Paul, Agent Sasco and Chi Ching Ching stay in the pocket of the rolling drums performing his verse effortlessly. Spragga chose these specific artists because of his close friendship with them over the years. “When I proposed the idea to Andy of Buttercuts Records and Toddla they were totally ecstatic about it,” he says.

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