Spragga Benz Sends Deadly Warning To PM Holness And Dr. Tufton

Sunday, May 22, 2022, 12:55 PM GMT-5

Veteran Dancehall deejay Spragga Benz, shared a Live video of himself sending a stern and deadly warning to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton.

In the video shared, Spragga claims that the Government is planning to sell out the freedom and sovereignty of the Jamaican people to the World Health Organization (WHO) due to the pandemic treaties that are in the pipeline.

The ‘She Nuh Ready Yet’ entertainer then directed this message to PM Holness and Dr. Tufton “If unu sell out the Jamaican people dem freedom and sovereignty, the people dem ago hang unu yere, dem ago crucify unu. The people dem ago murder all a unu family dem”.

He added that he is not sending them a threat, but is simply giving a warning so that they can be mindful of what they are doing when it comes to Jamaicans.

The veteran deejay then read from a document that he alleges has detailed information explaining the agreement between the Government and WHO in which they are planning to give them the authority to have full control over the body of the Jamaican people.

Spragga also gave praise to female Jamaican singer and deejay Tanya Stephens for bringing the issue to his attention. He also dubbed her a real heroine, the Nanny of the Maroons of our time.

At the end of the video, Spragga reiterated his initial warning and further added that if they do not heed and stop the treaty, “Your seed will be wiped off from the face of the earth, in Jamaica atleast, mi can tell yuh dat cause Jamaican people nah go tek d sell out again, wi a wise up. Blessed Love”.

Watch Spragga Benz video below:

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