Tufton Puts Spragga Benz On Blast For Anti-Vaccination Song

Thursday, January 13, 2022, 5:17 PM

Dancehall artiste Spragga Benz is about to release a new song entitled “Vaccinated” and it has already gotten a big criticism from the Minister of Health, Christoper Tufton who is disagreeing with the song 100 percent.

In a recent post, the Dancehall artiste made on his Instagram account the entertainer could be seen singing the lyrics of the song in a studio, with a message talking about people who have gotten vaccinated and are still catching Covid-19.


Spragga Benz could also be heard in the video post singing about the extent of the Government’s corruption, and how much they have sold out.

The Jamaica Observer whose attention the song caught immediately reached out to Dr. Tufton who upon hearing about the song and probably listening to the lyrics, expressed that it was misleading and “flies in the way of science” with him further stating that the track discourages the most pertinent response to the outbreak.

Efforts were made by the popular news source to contact Spragga Benz however there was no success. Currently, the Covid-19 numbers are climbing with the highest recorded number of infections happening on Tuesday when 1714 persons were tested positive for the virus.

Where vaccination is concerned, the Prime Minister recently expressed much frustration with most of the population’s disinterest in getting the vaccine to the point where his speech reflected a direct do or die command.

So far only an approximate amount of 20 percent of Jamaica is said to have gotten vaccinated, which unfortunately is quite away from the 60 percent the government had as a herd target for March of 2022.

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