Squash and His Mother Accused of Theft and Murder – Watch Video

Multiple allegations, including those of theft and murder, have been made against Dancehall artiste Andre Whittaker, professionally known as Squash, and his mother, Shelly-Ann Millwood.

The allegations were made in a video currently circulating on social media by a man who did not share his name. While the man did not disclose his identity in the video, he said Squash and his mother owe him $300,000.

The man alleged that money was borrowed from him on three different occasions. Twice they borrowed to get someone out of jail: $270,000 on the first occasion and $15,000 on the second. They then allegedly borrowed $15,000 again on the third occasion.

The man did not clarify if these funds were used for Squash. The artiste was reportedly detained in Miami, Florida, last year for breaches of state immigration laws.

The man went on to state that none of his money was returned to him, and he made the video to push them to ‘mess up’ and make the wrong move. Following multiple expletives aimed at Squash and Millwood, the man suggested that they stole from others to promote their flossing lifestyle.

From left: Shelly-Ann Millwood and Squash

He further accused them of borrowing money, never returning it, and using “craft” to kill the people they took it from. According to the man, he was initially upset when 6ixx camp associate Big Voice spoke out against Squash and Millwood, but now he sees that they are trying to do the same thing with him.

Among other accusations, Big Voice accused Millwood last year of threatening his life. The man in the video also accused Millwood and Squash of being behind the deaths of Big Voice’s family in Costa Rica.

In addition to Millwood and Squash, the man also took aim at the deejay’s brother, Bobby 6ix, whom he accused of capitalising off of their mother’s alleged prostitution.

“Him know di mumma sell di p*sy a back road but true him wah can borrow money from him ma and beg him ma him nah tell yuh as di bigga bredda,” the man stated.

He further claimed that Millwood was the inspiration behind Chronic Law’s single Salt Gyal, as she reportedly attempted to sleep with the deejay. He added that Millwood and Squash were envious of Chronic Law, Teejay, and Tommy Lee.

Watch the video below.

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