Squash Drops Explosive ‘Big Breeze’ Music Video: A 6ixx Real Statement

In the heart of Dancehall’s ongoing lyrical sparring, Squash who hails from Montego Bay, has unleashed a fierce new track and music video titled ‘Big Breeze,’ a song with raw energy and pointed messages. Released on Sunday, April 21, this latest offering from Squash is not merely a song but a bold response to recent events and statements that have stirred up controversies surrounding his name in the Dancehall community.

The timing of ‘Big Breeze’ couldn’t have been more calculated, arriving hot on the heels of Chronic Law‘s provocative. Chronic Law’s social media antics drew a direct response from Squash, who wasted no time in making his stance clear through this new track. Montego Bay, Squash’s hometown, takes center stage in the song’s narrative, contrasting sharply with the backdrop Chronic Law had chosen for his recent declaration.


The music video for ‘Big Breeze’ is a vivid representation of Dancehall’s gritty reality, packed with imagery that reflects Squash’s uncompromising style. Guns, money, and the unmistakable swagger of street life dominate the visuals, alongside a strong presence of his crew, underscoring the ‘6ixx Real’ ethos that has become synonymous with Squash’s brand.


The lyrics themselves leave little room for interpretation. Lines like “6ix lock e city dem a post and a cap,” cut straight to the heart of recent tensions, while the phrase “Top Shottas is back!” serves as a rallying cry for Squash’s supporters. The track is not just a musical response but a declaration of dominance in the underworld.

Big Breeze‘ has wasted no time in making waves on local platforms, swiftly climbing the Youtube Trending Chart and claiming the 10th spot within hours of its release—a testament to the artiste’s enduring popularity and the anticipation surrounding his new material. The song’s impact extends beyond its musical qualities, serving as a lightning rod for discussions within the Dancehall community.

As fans dissect the lyrics and decode the visuals, one thing is certain: Squash’s ‘Big Breeze’ is a forceful statement that underscores his role as a key player in Dancehall’s ever-evolving landscape. The ongoing rivalry between Squash and Chronic Law has reached a new crescendo with this release, setting the stage for what promises to be a compelling chapter in Jamaica’s vibrant music scene.

In the closing moments of the music video, a simple question echoes: “a which home town yuh inna?” It’s a challenge, a taunt, and a reminder that in Dancehall, every lyric and every location carries weight—a testament to the power of Squash’s ‘Big Breeze’ and its impact on the cultural conversation.

As the song continues to make its mark, one thing is clear: Squash is not just making music; he’s making a statement—one that demands attention and commands respect in the fiercely competitive world of Dancehall.

Watch the music video below:

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